cae32 (cae32) wrote,

Нет простым юзерам в жизни счастья

Читаю отчОты учёных по своему Internet-2 (искал очередные свежие тулзы для замеров в сети) и уссыкаюсь - в этих ваших америках ровно те же проблемы, что и среди родных осин. (хей, hellbone, тебе ничего не напоминает? ;)

First, it is important to test to the users desktop; having the network staff show up with a ‘good’ laptop doesn’t help much. As an example, during early testing one laptop client with a 10 Mbps Ethernet NIC saw 7 Mpbs (70% utilization), which is good for a half-duplex connection. Some timeouts and retransmission occurred (probably due to the half-duplex nature of the link). When informed of this loss, the network admin arrived with a ‘tuned’ laptop and ran a test with a 100 Mbps NIC, finding good throughput (85% utilization) and no loss. His conclusion was that there was no network problem to report. What is the typical user experience? “I see a problem but the network staff says no problem was found.” This situation leads to finger pointing and bad feelings because the user doesn’t get a solution and is told to live with the perceived problems.

Взято из NDT Cookbook.

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