cae32 (cae32) wrote,

А пиздежа-то было!

IT нагнёт все корпорации, нету никакой дискриминации, конец истории, фукуяма и айфон победит всех.

а вот жосткая реальность (как обычно из Таймс):
WIP: Support Engineer Job family country-of-residence block
Edit: This is still a discussion and there is no policy confirming this yet.

All comments must remain within our Code of Conduct.

In e-group on Monday October 15, 2019 we took the decision to enable a "job family country-of-residence block" for team members who have access to customer data. This is at the expressed concern of several enterprise customers, and also what is becoming a common practice in our industry in the current geopolitical climate.

The countries involved are:


This issue is to track the addition of the process to the support handbook, and whatever recruiting processes need to be update to make certain that:

We do not make offers to individuals residing in these countries
Current team members are prevented from moving to these countries and remaining in a role that prohibits it.

We do not have a technical way, today, to handle this based on permissions. Doing so would also force us to confront the possibility of creating a "second class of citizens" on certain teams who cannot take part in 100% of their responsibilities, which is a dynamic some of us have experienced at other companies and found highly negative. As such we feel a country block is the most humane solution at this time--especially because it affects zero current employees.

We should look into the effort to do this on a permissions-basis. So everyone is clear what the effort would be, and roughly how long this would take.

Discussion in #job-family-country-blocks since there are multiple related issues open and content should be consistent, if not shared.

Note: In addition to Support, this also affects SREs in infra and SecOps & Anti-Abuse in Security (see related issue).

Хуярьте open source, товарищи русские и китайцы, это как раз для вас. Прибыль наша, работа ваша. А джоб оффер - хуй вам. Ну и пристально надо поглядеть на уже переехавших, достаточно ли они прогнулись под новые комсомольские правила.

Ставлю на то, что завсегдатаи даже найдут во всём этом говне тонкие нотки разных ароматов "это жи савсем другое дело"
Tags: #job, политота, программирование

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